Scrumifying Redmine

Added by Jenny C about 13 years ago

Hi All!

I am looking for a way to make my version of Redmine (0.9.3) more visually like Scrum. Found a burndown chart plugin which looked amazing but doesn't seem to be fully developed yet (version no quite low), and a Scrum dashboard plugin which is not compatible with my version yet. Anyone else using it for Scrum, without complementing the program with a visual Scrumboard?

All thoughts appreciated!

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RE: Scrumifying Redmine - Added by Aaron Evans almost 13 years ago

[[ Scrum-PM ]] looks to be the best thing out there to me. It's pretty nice, though there are some things I would change.

Scrum Dashboard and Scrum Alliance plugins are alternatives, but I haven't had any luck getting either to work on recent version of Redmine (0.8.7 or 0.9.3)

RE: Scrumifying Redmine - Added by Jenny C almost 13 years ago

It does look like a sweet plugin alright. But it also says it is at version 0.1.x and someone told me they have to reach a way higher version, like 1.0.x, before they are reliable enough. Is this so?


RE: Scrumifying Redmine - Added by Brad Rushworth almost 13 years ago

The version number doesn't really mean anything. Don't get too caught up with that.

If you need something less 'beta' and more supported, I'm afraid you would be advised to pay money for it from a vendor.