Including generated files

Added by W Snyder about 16 years ago


I have some static content (manuals, faq, etc) that are part of my project's svn area. Currently a makefile generates HTML code, and installs it to an apache visible area. Instead, I'd like to get these files visible to users under its Redmine project.

For each file, I thought of making a wiki page that simply says to include a Linux file in the body. The catch is I suspect the search engine won't hit on the data, which is bad as this is the key documentation.

Alternatively, perhaps a unix command-line script that updates a specified wiki page (ala editmoin for Moin Moin Wikis). The project's makefile when run on the web server would call this to update the wiki page. The downside here is if a user edits that wiki page the changes are lost. (The enhancement request to add immutable pages would help this.)

Ideas? How do others mix statically built HTML pages into Redmine?