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Added by Jared Moody almost 13 years ago

I'm curious what people out there using redmine are using for customer support tickets. Is there anything out there that integrates with redmine, similar to how tenderapp integrates with lighthouse?

We've been using redmine to track support requests a little bit, but looking for something better that includes email threads like zendesk or tender does.

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RE: Customer Support - Added by Matthias Althaus over 12 years ago

Hey Jared,

there are some guys looking into this in this issue:


RE: Customer Support - Added by O G about 12 years ago

Hi Jared - did you ever find something that worked well with Redmine?

I'm looking for the same (vs. Zendesk or Tender Support), and it seems a bunch of other people are, too. seems to still be open as is :(

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


RE: Customer Support - Added by Jared Moody about 12 years ago

Hi Otis,

I didn't ever find anything for this issue that worked well, so I'm sticking with Gmail for support for now.


RE: Customer Support - Added by TJ Baker over 11 years ago

We're getting set up to use Zendesk for our support and absolutely love it.

A dream come true would be integration with Redmine, which we use for project / product management and bug tracking. Being able to start a ticket in Redmine for a bug from Zendesk would be amazing ... two communication where the Zendesk ticket could be updated when a commit has fixed a bug ticket even better!