Add Attachment to Issue in a script

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First of all, while I do a lot of programming, I don't really know ruby, so please excuse any stupid questions I may ask.

I am attempting to get an external application to create issues automatically. The way I am currently doing this is so get the data into XML and parse this in a ruby script running with the script/runner utility. This works fine.

What I am now trying to do is to add attachments to the issue. The files are accessed via HTTP and I can get these as a temp file on the same machine that redmine is running on easily enough, however what I can't work out how to do is how to import this file into redmine and attached to the issue. Can anyone help?


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RE: Add Attachment to Issue in a script - Solution - Added by James Hardy about 13 years ago

Answering my own question in case anyone finds this in a search.

The key issue is that Redmine expects that files will be uploaded and therefore expects they will use rails uploaded temp file container (ActionController::UploadedTempfile)

With a litte googling, I found this post:

which enabled me to write the following code snippet:

#Parse URL
#Get URL and retrieve data
Net::HTTP.start(, attachment_uri.port) do |attHttp|
        req =
        req.basic_auth url.user, url.password #I need this because it is password protected, not needed if yours isn't
        resp = attHttp.request(req)

        #Now create the fake uploaded file
        attachment_file =
        attachment_file.original_path = original_filename
        attachment_file.content_type = resp.content_type

        #Create attachment with the uploaded file and other settings defined earlier
                :container => new_issue,           #Issue object defined earlier 
                :file => attachment_file,
                :description => attachment_desc,
                :author => reporter                #User object defined earlier

Hope this helps someone

RE: Add Attachment to Issue in a script - Added by ChihKuo Hu over 2 years ago

Nice post, solved my problem, thanks