Migrate from mingle

Added by Felipe Mathies over 16 years ago

hi, first i want to know how i can colaborate whit the project??

i develop a rake that execute the migration from mingle to redmine, how i commit this feature, if its possible

thanks and congratulations for redmine its rulz!!

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RE: Migrate from mingle - Added by Thomas Lecavelier over 16 years ago

Just create a patch issue here (remember to change the issue type to "patch") and wait for feedback.

RE: Migrate from mingle - Added by John Z over 16 years ago

We are currently evaluating both mingle and redmine. This utility might be very handy for us.

RE: Migrate from mingle - Added by Andy L about 16 years ago

Mingle vs. Redmine:
  • mingle requires 2gb of ram - runs slow and is hard configure and learn
  • redmine is running fast in 200MB of ram - learning takes about 10 mins

Mingle does have some great features - burndown charts, agile mgmt. I think these ideas could be incorporated into Redmine as a plugin or core capability...