Auto start with Wamp server

Added by julien fezandelle over 13 years ago

Hi all,

I installed Redmine and the requierement yesterday.
I use its on my self computer.
I use Wamp Server. I start wamp manually when I develop.

Of course, when I start my computer, the ruby script/server webrick is stopped.
I'm looking for a way to start (and stop) webrick in the same time than Wamp. (without a manual start in the console)

My configuration is:
Win XP
Ruby 1.8.7
RedMine 1.0.2
Wamp 2.0
Apache 2.2.11

I found "alias" in Wamp. For exemple, alias start phpMyAdmin.

Anybody have already made something like that ?

thank you,


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RE: Auto start with Wamp server - Added by Muntek Singh over 13 years ago

Unless you are doing redmine development, you shouldn't use webrick. Install passenger (aka mod_rails) into your apache and this will solve your problem, and be faster to boot. There are several guides you can find to installing it, should be fairly straightforward.

Take the last bit with a grain of salt, as I don't know anything about windows.

RE: Auto start with Wamp server - Added by Pierce Morton over 13 years ago

Phusion Passenger does not work on Windows.

You should use Mongrel for Windows, along with
A simple batch script to stop and start both at once should work. (One batch file for starting, one for stopping)