Is the Redmine Hacks idea supportable?

Added by John Goerzen about 16 years ago

Hi folks,

Yesterday, I announced here in this forum. Since then, it's had pretty much no interest at all.

I went onto IRC today and asked some questions. Several people said they thought it was a great idea and are glad it exists. One plugin developer wrote that he already has his own Redmine installation, and doesn't want to move. I can understand that.

So I guess the questions are:

  1. Will this be the case for all plugin/theme/whatever developers?
    1. If so, why is it different from Trac, where even people working on VCS plugins are using the SVN repos at
  2. Is there something else I ought to do to build interest?
  3. Or should I just abandon the project now? Or how long should I maintain it, waiting for interest to develop?

It didn't take too long to set up -- a couple of days of working in evenings, perhaps. I set up a virtual server environment and learned about serving Git repos to untrusted committers, but other than that, not a big deal if it doesn't pan out. Of course, if people do use it, I'll be maintaining the server, adding projects, etc.

I'm just wondering what the thoughts of the Redmine community are about this.

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RE: Is the Redmine Hacks idea supportable? - Added by Jim Mulholland about 16 years ago

Hi John,

Wow! The crickets really are loud with your Redmine Hacks idea! You may be a man before your time!

Like I just said in a previous post, I do think it is a good idea. I think part of the problem is that Redmine is still in its infancy when compared to Trac, so there are still very few people out there creating plugins. (I think there are 4 total as of right now.)

I do wish the Redmine Git viewer could view Git repos hosted on other servers. Gitorious and GitHub host OpenSource projects (like these plugins would be) for free. They are in the business of Git hosting, so there is little reason for you to add the additional work / burden to include it with RedmineHacks also. It would be nice to use the power of one of these sites for the Git hosting with the ability to see the code tree in a central Redmine plugin location like RedmineHacks.

It has only been just over a day since you first announced the site. I would give it at least a few months to see if any interest builds.

- Jim

RE: Is the Redmine Hacks idea supportable? - Added by Eric Davis about 16 years ago


Give it some time to grow, I could see it becoming really useful once Redmine plugins take off. Don't take what I say on IRC as the majority, I'm very paranoid with where my data is stored :)

If I could make two suggestions:

1. Spend some time to make a custom theme for Redmine Hacks. Make it stand out and be bold.
2. Start a few example projects. People are more apt to join a community if there is activity in it already.


RE: Is the Redmine Hacks idea supportable? - Added by John Goerzen about 16 years ago

Regarding the remote Git repositories...

I would have no problem supporting that with RedmineHacks if people want it. It is quite trivial to set up (an initial clone and a cronned pull -- or even a hook on the remote to push changes to the Redmine repo as well).

That is really the only practical way to do it with Git. As a decentralized VCS, like Mercurial or Darcs, you make a local copy of the repository and then ask all questions of it.

If there is to be some sort of automation within Redmine itself to do that, it should be really at a higher level than Git, since any other $DVCS would have the same need.

My own view, though, is that this is a system administration issue to be solved via cron.

-- John

PS. I have to admit that, in all honesty, I don't understand the appeal of Gitorious or GitHub. If I didn't have the resources to host $RANDOM_GIT_PROJECT myself, I think I'd use or some random Redmine hosting site... ;-)

RE: Is the Redmine Hacks idea supportable? - Added by Kai Olav Fredriksen about 16 years ago

I thought track-hacks to be a very interesting place when I was still planning on using trac. And I looked around for a place similar for Redmine when I was deciding to go for Redmine. The post just above this now is asking about links to good theme sites...

I think that the interest in a redminehacks would become great. It's just two days ago that you posted it (I am satisfied if I get any response in 2 weeks at my work), it's Easter, etc. Just give it time, I think :) I, for one, will be browsing redminehacks a lot, later on. And I think the suggestions from Eric sounded very wise, if you want to kickstart interest.

RE: Is the Redmine Hacks idea supportable? - Added by Satoru KURASHIKI about 16 years ago


I moved my tiny local project to Thanks, John :-)

Starting procedure seems to be straightforward, and well documented.
While I'm not a programmer and use git for the first time, there is no
trouble to start project.


RE: Is the Redmine Hacks idea supportable? - Added by John Goerzen about 16 years ago

Glad you found it easy to work with! (And that I got your git repo right the first time...)

Do feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

-- John