LDAP Group Authentication - When will it be available?

Added by Joshua Villagomez about 11 years ago

Ok Everyone,

I thought I'd create a new forum message. In my organization, it's critical to ensure authentication is centralized with our Active Directory. We're using Redmine, and it's a fantastic application. We're highly interested in further expanding its use, but feel the lack of built-in LDAP group-based authentication is limiting.

There have been many forum posts and feature requests, dating back up to three years ago. As Redmine use continues to grow, especially in enterprise environments, it would be critical to have LDAP group authentication. We rather manage groups, and have a single source of user/group management, instead of yet another local source to manage group.

I'd like to ask the community of Redmine users to chip in on this forum message, and express your sincere interests. Though a few developers have contributed their patches, LDAP group authentication should be a core feature. I much rather see this included, rather than maintaining patches.

The following issues contain the history, yet I do not see any of these yet in the Redmine roadmap.

Issues: #1113, #4755, #5702, and #5742.



Can we ask the core Redmine developers to please include this important feature request in upcoming releases? Can you pick a patch, and work it in? Are there any reservations? Or is it lack of user interest? From the issues/forum posts, it's quite clear it's a needed feature.

Thank you,


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RE: LDAP Group Authentication - When will it be available? - Added by Terence Mill about 11 years ago

Well, we would need it too, at the moment we must administer groups twice - in ldap and a copy in redmine. Useless work, but there is no acceptable workaround.