log in error ?

Added by Qzi er over 8 years ago

login error, messege back :

Internal error

An error occurred on the page you were trying to access.
 If you continue to experience problems please contact your Redmine administrator for assistance.

If you are the Redmine administrator, check your log files for details about the error.

redmine/log/ is as below:

[root@*** log]# ls
delete.me         mongrel.3001.log  mongrel.log
mongrel.3000.log  mongrel.3002.log  production.log

which one should I ?

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RE: log in error ? - Added by ed boel over 8 years ago

I have also got a bizarre login error, here are the details:
I have 2 virtual machines one test one production so hardware and os are the same.
Both run the same version of apache (2.2.12), ruby, gems etc. Both have redmine 1.2.1 On the test machine I also have redmine 1.3.0 installed.
With webrick on port 3000 everything runs fine.
But with passenger 3.0.8 the login function doesn't work on my test machine. the debug log doesn't show anything it is just the login button which causes a crash in apache somewhere because it doesn't even seem to reach the first line of code in redmine. The production server works fine by the way.