Adding users to groups

Added by Paul Stevens almost 9 years ago

I am looking for a way to maintain groups in Redmine. It seems at the moment only an administrator can add/remove users to/from a group. This is rather limiting and a lot of overhead for the administrator in large installations.

I was wondering whether anybody knew of a solution (e.g. a plugin) that allows the following functionality:
  • a group is associated with a project and its managers can add/remove users to/from the group
  • users can see the available groups (maybe only "public" ones) and apply to be in it
  • (users can remove themselves from a group anytime they want)

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RE: Adding users to groups - Added by Paul Stevens over 8 years ago

Other approaches would be an option as well ...

The issue is that the Redmine installation I maintain is used by several groups within my company, partially from remote offices. Right now if a new user (employee/client) adds itself to Redmine, I can use the join_project plugin so he can add himself to a particular project (or request assistance from the project's manager), however in some cases such a project membership includes access to other projects which only I can grant. Or rather I have groups for this, yet again only I can add users to groups and this is getting annoying for the project managers to always have to ask me :-(

Groups is an essential feature in any environment, I am a bit sad that this is such a "small" feature in Redmine.