Parent Projects and New Issues

Added by Sam Bo over 10 years ago

I will state the issue first:

We like the ability to see all the issues with a project and its children however we'd like to prevent the users from creating issues at the parent project level. Is there any issue way to accomplish both?

What I've tried:

1. I can turn off Issues but we like the ability to see issues across all the projects and sub projects
2. Security, even if I create an admin role without the Add Issue it still let's users create them..
3. Some of the users are marked "Administrators" because they need automatic access to all projects to get billing info. I think this is what causes the problem?

Any help is appreciated.

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RE: Parent Projects and New Issues - Added by Terence Mill over 10 years ago

Create one role with rights to create issues and one role with only "view! rights. Assign all users tp parent and childs in the two two roles corresponding.
Just that easy!

RE: Parent Projects and New Issues - Added by Sam Bo over 10 years ago

Yeah I get it with the roles and what not.. Just redoing a large redmine with assigning different roles and groups to all projects is very cumbersome...

Probably adding some kind of per project security roles would bastardize the process a little bit but I wonder if other people use parent projects in this way to be able to set some kind of security for a project that supercedes anything else to prevent others from creating tickets when the project is really just used for a placeholder or folder.......