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21:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Funding development - "Make it Happen"
Timespent column I think is already fixed in 1.4 (not yet released).
Sam Bo


23:35 Redmine Plugins: Reassign to Author on Resolve
I did some searching and only found some code and people attempting to solve this (kudos to you!). Is there a plugin... Sam Bo
23:07 Redmine Feature #5864: Regex Text on Receiver Email
Ouch, the plus 1 didn't come through correctly. Sorry for the double posting here. Sam Bo
23:06 Redmine Feature #5864: Regex Text on Receiver Email
I'm going to +1 (not the G+ kind mind you) this since it has been over a year. I'd love to see this so we don't have... Sam Bo


19:20 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Parent Projects and New Issues
Yeah I get it with the roles and what not.. Just redoing a large redmine with assigning different roles and groups to... Sam Bo
19:18 Redmine Feature #9773 (Closed): Add Group to Multiple Projects
Adding a group to multiple projects in the administration is a multi click/page process and is only done per project.... Sam Bo


18:01 Redmine Open discussion: Parent Projects and New Issues
I will state the issue first:
We like the ability to see all the issues with a project and its children however we...
Sam Bo


03:05 Redmine Feature #3126: Allow add spent time when creating a ticket
+1 here
There are lots of scenarios where this is useful especially for adhoc meetings, 911 issues that get done b...
Sam Bo


04:30 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Importing XML data from Basecamp to Redmine
I did this very thing recently but from unfuddle's xml export. It is quite easy to take xml and import it into redm... Sam Bo


07:34 Redmine Help: RE: Charts Plugin with 0.9.6
I had a similar issue in that I as getting this error after upgrading.. I reinstalled flash open charts and the chart... Sam Bo

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