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Allow add spent time when creating a ticket

Added by Maxim Krušina almost 14 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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As a project manager, I'm very often add spent time at ticket creation (like 10-20 min or so). It would be nice to have ability to add time on the same page, where I'm filling ticket properties. Maybe it can be something like "collapsed" and it can be expanded by link (like when adding watchers), so it will not harm users who don't need to add spent time at this time.

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#1 Updated by Nanda P almost 14 years ago


This will be very useful when the user will create a task after its been completed.

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#4 Updated by Adrián Peña Castro almost 13 years ago

This will be useful and we are awaiting official solution for this problem

#5 Updated by Sam Bo over 12 years ago

+1 here

There are lots of scenarios where this is useful especially for adhoc meetings, 911 issues that get done before a ticket is created, etc. To implement it I had some ideas:

1. Put a time entry (hidden as default) tab on the create issue screen. Allow the person to click, expand and add hours along with the ticket (if have permissions)
2. The easier method would be to add a "Create and Log time" button that would take you directly to the log time page after creating the ticket. This would at least eliminate a couple clicks.

Regardless of it is implemented, I hope it gets in there in some way!

#6 Updated by luca malatesta almost 8 years ago

would be a function uniquely convenient. I happen very often to create an issue after solving.

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  • Duplicated by Feature #18129: Insert spent time when creating new issue added

#8 Updated by Luca Malatesta almost 4 years ago

some news? I think it's still very useful.

#9 Updated by Jean Louis about 2 years ago

+1, please roadmap this issue

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