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12:27 Redmine Feature #29449 (New): Issues from closed projects are displayed on user's My Page
Users see issues assigned to them on My Page, even when the project is closed.
So it's difficult because someone wit...


06:01 Redmine Feature #28678 (New): Alow to filter projects where the specific role is used
Why? There is a lot of cases, when we need this - like I would like to delete an old role, but I cannot, coz there is...


21:14 Redmine Help: Redmine via Docker / Git repo problems
Hi everybody, I have some strange issue:
Just migrated Redmine from classic installation to Docker (3.4-passenger) -...


23:13 Redmine Development: Any way to get available Issue statuses for ticket via API?
Here is list of all issue statuses:
I would like to ...


07:30 Redmine Feature #27363 (New): One more filter status for lists / key-value lists
Morning :)
I have some custom fields as a list/key-value list.
When working with filters, I can select is / is no...


14:49 Redmine Feature #27339 (New): Cant save Spent Time Report - Only Spent Time Details
Working here:
* - spent time details


13:03 Redmine Feature #27135 (New): Ability to un-watch issues
It's generally good idea that creator of the ticket reviews notifications by the default (sure, it can be changed in ...


22:46 Redmine Defect #27117 (Closed): Cannot select versions in Spent time report
Yep, thank you for finding the issue - it's exactly that bloody bug. Closing.
22:32 Redmine Defect #27117 (Closed): Cannot select versions in Spent time report
We're using a bit complicated project structure (ie 5-level tree) with versions defined on each levels and shared in ...


13:09 Redmine Feature #27096 (New): Mark (somehow) non-working days in calendar view
In global settings, we can set which are / are not working days - it should be nice to have it visually marked in pro...

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