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10:50 Redmine Help: Problems with dependencies?
Hi there, plz installing Redmine as usually on our server, now v 3.3.3 (clean install).
Everything worked well, but ...


20:40 Redmine Feature #26017 (New): Get also labels for key/value custom fields by API
When I call /issues/123.json
I got values of custom fields, but for key/value i got only name and value (integer) bu...


18:17 Redmine Defect #26002 (Confirmed): Issues can be assigned to this role - didnt work correctly
We have an API user and special role for this user.
This role have "Issues can be assigned to this role" box uncheck...


13:19 Redmine Defect #25959: "Smile of the death" problem
Hmm, THIS instance will not crash, but there is no smile. Our instance will crash.
Whole string including smile is...
13:17 Redmine Defect #25959 (Closed): "Smile of the death" problem
Hi, just pasted this string into Ticket description (or comment) and it will crash Redmine:
A druhá věc, možná bych ...


11:56 Redmine Defect #25486 (Needs feedback): Repository history is not updating
Hi, on just one project we have something wrong.
When I go Git repo overview: https://ourredmine/projects/ourproject...


10:53 Redmine Feature #25288 (New): Add links to spent time report table elements
When working with spent time report, I would like to be able to click on tickets, versions and other elements - just ...


12:02 Redmine Patch #21101: Add go-to action schema
Me too! I was playing with this idea (which is really nice by the way and there is a lot of ways to implement it), bu...


11:49 Redmine Feature #24884 (New): Allow to set which fields should be visible for child issue on their's pare...
Very usefull, for example we have trackers _Customers_ and _Contact Persons_ and we're using parent/child for interli...


23:40 Redmine Wiki edit: EmailConfiguration (#46)
G Suite via SMTP relay

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