Notification of high priority issues

Added by Charlie Armor almost 12 years ago

We use Redmine to manage support issues raised by our staff and customers.

The usual email notifications work well for issues created within office hours but we would like some way of generating email alerts for high priority problems, when a issue is either created with the highest priority or is escalated.

We can then associate the target email address with an SMS / Voice message system which will ensure an alarm is pushed to the appropriate mobile phone number.

The NewIssueAlerts plugin ([[]]) appears to trigger the generation of an email alert but doesn't allow the alert to be filtered by priority.

Can anyone suggest some way to push an external email to a specific email address for high priority issues.

Thank you for your help.

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RE: Notification of high priority issues - Added by Pete Davis almost 12 years ago

did you get any further with this?
I see same request here
I was just looking over whether either of the iphone apps have an option to set it to 'alert' when an issue is set to a specific priority.

seems like a really useful feature