Metrics over times on status of Issues per project

Added by gabriel scolan over 15 years ago

Hi all,

Redmine is being adopted by our company, and my boss (as many one) would like to see metrics on issues over time : in particular, see a curve (or bars) over time showing for each day (or week or month - could be an adjustable parameter, on a zoom feature on the curve) how many issues where in which status, per project (including eventually subprojects).
Other values than "status" could be used as a criteria, for example any custom field that is a list or a boolean could be investigated.

I've tried to make a mock-up for that, and it is almost possible, since the history of fields modifications is almost complete: redmine keep track on each modification of each field. However, I miss the tracking of the "move" actions. Indeed, if in a study case, a project had 10 associated issues one day and the day the metrics is computed (parsing the history), only 5 are present, it seems impossible to display the status of those 10 since they are no more associated to the project => as a consequence, the generation of the curve one day will display different history than some days before.

As a workaround, I dump the database every day in a dated file, so the history is captured and is not changing. For those files, it is possible to generate the demanded curves.

I just wonder if this metrics could not be a Redmine feature (or a plugin), where the history that is already kept by redmine on fields modifications would be extended to capture the "moves".

What do you think of that ? Has anyone already work on this ? Any idea ?

many thanks