still no backup instructions in user guide?

Added by Michael Aye over 11 years ago

I find it weird that after so many years there's still nothing in the user guide or admin guide how to backup and, even more important, properly restore a working setup from a backup.
Is it really expected from every new Redmine user that they know how to deal with mysql dumps (even knowing what that means?) Don't you lose a lot of user base expecting this to be known?


PS.: I'm only a scientist fan of Redmine, and I still haven't learn how to do a backup properly, so I can't help writing this myself, but I'm in the need to create a reliable backup right now.

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RE: still no backup instructions in user guide? - Added by Ivan Cenov over 11 years ago

Not every user has to know how to make backups. The admins should know though.

What I do:
  1. Stop Windows Scheduler tasks related to Redmine
  2. Stop Redmine server (par example thin services)
  3. Full MySQL dump of the database
  4. Full RAR or ZIP of the whole Redmine installation folder structure.
  5. Start thin services
  6. Start Windows Scheduler tasks related to Redmine

RE: still no backup instructions in user guide? - Added by Richard Page over 11 years ago

Had the same problem as yourself, the information is out there but needs to be brouht together to describe both the backup and restore processes. I have just gone through this to describe for my own sanity and to document for any future admins of the system setup. Assuming that you know the passwords you used when installing redmine - I used bitnamis install as it was a packaged install.

I have also assumeding that you are using windows version, I have setup a backup script to dump my subversion repositories and redmine installation. You need to backup any files stored in redmine as well which is the xcopy. I prefix the file and folders with the date.
The text is shown below I have left the SVN stuff as it might help if approp for you. I pass the Password for mysql in as a parameter when calling the script as I did not want to leave it in the script.

echo on
SET mydate=%date:~0,2%-%date:~3,2%-%date:~6,4%
svnadmin dump D:\csvn\data\repositories\REPO1 > E:\cm_data_dumps\svn\REPO1\%mydate%_repo1.dump
svnadmin dump D:\csvn\data\repositories\REPO2 > E:\cm_data_dumps\svn\REPO2\%mydate%_repo2.dump
mysqldump -u root -p%1 bitnami_redmine > E:\cm_data_dumps\redmine\%mydate%_redmine.sql
xcopy "D:\Program Files\Redmine Stack\apps\redmine\htdocs\files" "E:\cm_data_dumps\redmine\%mydate%_Redmine_Files" /i /r /y