redmine connectivity lost after stoping postgresql ,i have to Rerun webrick server !

Added by system admin0987 over 10 years ago

hi ,
i had deployed redmine-1.2.1 on and postgresql 9.x on 1.101 servers.every things works smooth.But when ever i stop postgresql , i need to start webrick each time on redmine server.

 #/etc/init.d/postgresql-9.1 stop

Then i lost redmine connectivity .
So i have restart webrick using given method
#pidof ruby
#kill <PID> -9
#kill -9 9619 9614
#cd /var/www/redminedjtk && /usr/bin/ruby script/server -d webrick -e production
#cd /var/www/redmine-1.2.1 && /usr/bin/ruby script/server -d webrick -e production

After running above commands my redmine connectivity renew.But i want webrick connects automatically . ??
waiting for acknowledgement.

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