changing repository location

Added by Carl Nygard over 16 years ago

How would one go about changing the repository location?

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RE: changing repository location - Added by Arthaey Angosii about 16 years ago

My project's repository was recreated at a new URL, so I needed to change its repository location. I managed this by hacking source:trunk/app/helpers/repositories_helper.rb@1518#L72 to remove the !repository.root_url.blank? check, which let me change the URL from the Redmine UI. When I saved the form with the new repository URL, it seems to have imported the new changesets like it should have.

So far I haven't seen any errors from this unsupported method of changing the repository location (which makes me wonder why this isn't supported). YMMV.

RE: changing repository location - Added by James Turnbull about 16 years ago

It is supported. Go to Project -> Settings -> Repository. Use the Delete icon/button and then add the new repo.