Request Entity Too Large

Added by Sérgio Marques almost 5 years ago


Recently I install docker redmine in mariadb and cannot add files, i get the "Request Entity Too Large" error. My search see a lot of people talking about nginx but I think it´s not installed. What can i do?


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RE: Request Entity Too Large - Added by Mike Donavan over 4 years ago


You must have a webserver to use Redmine, be it nginx or Apache : search for it !

You have to configure the client max size for uploaded files :
For example in nginx, edit the /etc/nginx/sites-available/default (if default is your active config for Redmine access)
Add the following line :
client_max_body_size 0;

you can replace 0 by 10M (0 is for unlimited size)

RE: Request Entity Too Large - Added by Meiki Neumann almost 3 years ago

I have changed the default config file of nginx but the error remains.