RedmineUP Cloud – new ready to use Redmine hosting with support and maintenance is here

Added by Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP) over 5 years ago

Hi, everyone!

When Redmine is installed on your server, you have to keep an eye on any security updates, protect your data, and do system updates. You need someone who can maintain both the server and the system and knows how to fix any errors and bugs.

Let us do that job for you! I’d like to present our Redmine-based project management tool— *RedmineUP Cloud*.

With Cloud, all tasks associated with administration, system maintenance, and resolving issues are handled by our team of experts. You work with an SSL connection on the fast, most recent stable version of Redmine, and your data is backed up daily. RedmineUP Cloud is offered in a subscription model. Along with ready-to-use hosted Redmine, you also receive:

• 14 premium plugins included (Agile, CRM, Helpdesk, People, and more)
• Professional support and consulting team
• Daily backups
• GDPR compliant
• Third-party plugins
• Auto-updating Redmine

We provide a 15-day free trial for you to use the full system, see how it looks, and configure for your specific requirements.

Our team has ten years of experience with Redmine. We and I have contributed with a blog, tutorials, free and professional plugins, services, free themes, and patches.

Additionally, if you have customers who would like to use Redmine, but don't have resources to install or maintain it, get in touch with us, we'll provide you with good affiliate terms.

Thank you.
Let’s keep in touch.

Kirill Bezrukov
Founder, RedmineUP (previously RedmineCRM)

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RE: RedmineUP Cloud – new ready to use Redmine hosting with support and maintenance is here - Added by George Chester almost 3 years ago


I recommend you get your Support Problem dealt with before you start expanding.

I'm a paid customer who has had a simple support ticket open for over a month.

It is holding up my business.

I know you are to busy cashing the checks and exploiting the review system here on the Redmine forums, but lets get your paid customer taken care of.