GitHub repositories "Redmine" List

Added by Yuuki NARA over 4 years ago

Many Redmine plugins are available on Github.
However, it is very difficult to find a Plugin that fits my needs.

There may be many useful but unknown repositories.
I searched GitHub repositories with "Redmine" and created a list. As of 2020/1/10.

Please use it for what you are looking for.

If its helpful then im happy.

It became about 8950 pieces.
This number does not include the number of forks.
However, there are many repositories with the same name.

GitHub repositories List

I'm sorry, but it's Japanese.

In the first table, the rows indicate the year of creation and the columns indicate the year of last update.
On the right are the numbers updated in the last two years.

The second table shows the percentage of languages ​​by year of creation.

Redmine site

What can be read from the graph

Number of new repositories peaks in 2015 and gradually decreases

For the first few years of Redmine development, most of it was Ruby, but in the last few years JS, Py and many others.
This is probably due to changes in language share and the demographics.

There were many dockers with shell selected.

Repositories created between 2011 and 2016 have a nearly constant survival rate of 14%.