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12:29 Redmine Feature #32844 (New): The ability to change the 404 not found screen on each site
If the specified page does not exist, many websites will not just display a 404,
Navigate user actions by displaying...


16:24 Redmine Open discussion: GitHub repositories "Redmine" List

Many Redmine plugins are available on Github.
However, it is very difficult to find a Plugin that fits my needs.


18:51 Redmine Feature #32561: feature: add support to add multiple instance for a single filter
I think it can be addressed with the following patch.
I consider it a necessary function.


14:02 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine.org tickets vote count list(2019/12/22) Released
Redmine.org tickets vote count list(2019/12/22) Released
Redmine 4.1 release anniversary and Happy New Year 2020 e...
11:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine.org tickets vote count list(2019/12/22)
This message is Redmine.org incomplete tickets vote count lists as of 2019/12/22
Redmine 4.1 release anniversary and...


17:31 Redmine Feature #4939: List of tasks filtered as OR and not AND
Thanks for useful patch.
I hope a lot of people have confirmed that th...


18:35 Redmine Feature #32484 (New): When a group is selected in the user custom field field,Enable the same han...
Issue 21026 suggests that group can be selected in the user custom field.
I think this is a necessary feature.
17:33 Redmine Feature #21026: Select user-groups in custom fields of type "User"
After applying this patch, groups can also be selected in the user format custom field.


14:47 Redmine Defect #32183: Notification sub-events for "Issue updated" does not cover all events which consis...
This will make the email sending condition MECE.
By the way, is Relation updated included in other attributes?...


14:54 Redmine Feature #15928: Disable email notifications for ticket's updates

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