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15:29 Redmine Feature #27823: Display only the tickets that arrived on the due date on the calendar
Thanks for your comment.
That's right.
It is good to be able to select the start date and the due date separate...
15:03 Redmine Feature #17907: Give 'version' another meaning
The function of Redmine is flexible, and it can be used in various ways in a wide range.
However, because the ...


16:53 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
Go MAEDA,Marius BALTEANU ,thanks for your comments.
I agree with the following two points.
It is necessary for ...


16:28 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
I agree with adding tagging functionality to the Redmine core.
However, I am worried whether it will conflict with...


12:11 Redmine Defect #29476: Update net-ldap to 0.16.0
Github vulnerability warning secreen.
11:57 Redmine Defect #29476 (New): Update net-ldap to 0.16.0

Redmine 3.4-stable specifies net-ldap 0.12.0 in Gemfile.
There is a known vulnerability, and an update to 0.16.0...
05:23 Redmine Patch #29395: [Feature] Pagination between repository entries and attachments of the same container


11:46 Redmine Patch #5535: Assigned to issuelist filter: added <nobody> value


15:38 Redmine Feature #5358: Share Issues Categories for sub-projects
Thank you for comments
Manuel Palachuk Wrote:

> We would like to help test this but I do not want to build an ...


16:19 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine.org tickets vote count list
I discussed with Go.MAEDA and created note count list too.
The numbe...

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