HowTo: Get the theme

Added by Chaoqun Zou about 16 years ago

I like the theme of and have find a way to get it.
screen.jpg is the result.

If your like this too, please follow these steps:

1. extract redmine.rar to /redmine/public/themes/. (these are downloaded from _)
2. copy base.rhtml to /redmine/app/views/layouts/.
3. restart webrick or other server.
4. choice redmine theme in the configuration page.
5. thanks to JP Lang~

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RE: HowTo: Get the theme - Added by Thomas Lecavelier about 16 years ago

Thank you for your topic, I'll be glad to redirect here all the users that ask for it :)

RE: HowTo: Get the theme - Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 16 years ago


What's the difference with the 'classic' theme shipped with redmine.... ?

RE: HowTo: Get the theme - Added by Jason Milkins over 15 years ago

The most visible difference is the "on a page" look.

There's a number of smaller differences.

(by the way added the rar as a zip for those who want to wget the theme and don't have root, to install unrar. -- those are people like me today)

RE: HowTo: Get the theme - Added by Mischa The Evil over 15 years ago

I'll see what I can do about this. Maybe we could create a dedicated wiki-page for this theme also...

Though the fact that it indeed also need a core-hack (source:trunk/app/views/layouts/base.rhtml, which can and does gets changed overtime) makes it a bit difficult...
I'll see...