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07:40 Redmine Feature #34420: Improve query columns selector by using a custom multi select with sortable items
Is this supposed to be going to support multi-column order sorting like the current implementation does? I am interes...
07:16 Redmine Defect #34398 (Needs feedback): Tracker filter shows subprojects trackers even when "Display subp...
I do not think this is a good idea. I'll use a quote from you which will clearly explain, without going...
07:11 Redmine Defect #34447 (Closed): Typo in translation string 'setting_issue_list_default_columns': s//Isuse...
This can be confirmed for current trunk in English (en) (source:/trunk/config/locales/en.yml@20648#L435) but might al...


03:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to change Main Menu
FWIW: I recommend against patching Redmine core files or using JavaScript hacks with additional plugin dependencies f...


07:34 Redmine Help: RE: Roles and Permission for Root Project Creation
Bernhard Rohloff wrote:
> So what I can extract of it is, that if a user has the 'create project' permission in at l...


23:06 Redmine Help: RE: Roles and Permission for Root Project Creation
FWIW: the ability for non-admin users to create new (root) projects is governed by the "Create (sub)project(s)" permi...


05:46 Redmine Feature #33918: Add documentation for #29473
Especially should be made clear where this feature is and isn't available. All forms? From all active form elements?
05:36 Redmine Feature #33918 (New): Add documentation for #29473
This feature should be documented on [[RedmineKeyboardNavigation]].


01:55 Redmine Help: RE: What formula is used to calculate the% of RoadMap (Closed and Finished)
Eduardo Sganderla wrote:
> [...] Why am I using redmine data to display in another tool (DataBase).
I don't under...


07:17 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_Internals (#22)
Moved section on 'requiring a certain Redmine version' to [[Plugin_FAQ]].

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