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07:20 Redmine Defect #35242: Journals are not returned via API
FWIW: I've adjusted [[Rest_Issues]] to remove the ambiguity in the documentation.
07:15 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_Issues (#69)
Fixups after page versions 61, 62, 64, 67 and 68.
06:42 Redmine Patch #30919: Group Issues Custom Fields - (Form like Issues)
Instead of scheduling this specific implementation proposal, I've scheduled the meta issue that I've just created.
06:28 Redmine Feature #35281 (New): [Meta] (Issues) Custom (and Standard) Fields Grouping and Positioning
This is a meta-issue to track all related issues concerning the subject and which acts as a singular entity for sched...


07:17 Redmine Patch #34643: Cleanups and fixes after Wiki tab removal from project settings (#26579)
Go MAEDA wrote:
> How about committing the first four patches first, and discussing the fifth patch as a separate is...
06:48 Redmine Feature #35082 (Closed): Communicate end of 4.x development
* the present Redmine release cycle;
* the "Maintenance Policy for Ruby on Rails":https://guides.rubyonrails...


21:41 Redmine Feature #34287: Use searchable project selectbox in issue create/update form
Given that we currently have projects rendered as a tree in the project select field (r8534), the change as proposed ...
21:32 Redmine Feature #5835 (Closed): Allow links to other project's changesets
Jim Naslund wrote:
> It would be nice to qualify the project of a link e.g. project-id:r20 to link to changeset 20 o...
21:19 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingRedmineLinks (#7)
Add examples for alternate user Redmine link syntaxes.
21:15 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingRedmineLinks (#6)
Make user Redmine link example more explicit.

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