Write log message from plugin

Added by chopper Khan over 2 years ago

I need to debug a plugin that's not working. Since I cannot debug it because it's on a remote production server, I'd like to add some log message that will be printed on production.log.

Since I'm new to ruby, what's the command that I must use in the plugin in order to write a log message?

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RE: Write log message from plugin - Added by Marat Aminov from RedmineUP about 2 years ago

Ok, I will check it for you soon.

RE: Write log message from plugin - Added by Holger Just about 2 years ago

There is a global object available with Rails.logger which can be used to log messages. See for a description on how to use this.

Note that in a production environment, the default log level is :info, meaning that only messages with a severity of info or above are actually logged (that specifically excluded messages logged at debug severity).

To log a simple message, you can thus write: "Hello World"