Trello Integration with Redmine

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Hello Folks,

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I hope there is still a need for the Trello integration.

I have released a power-up (Trello's plugin) named RedSync, that integrates Redmine and Trello bi-directionally.

If you are interested, please give it a try.
I would appreciate any feedback.

If you are a Trello user, you can check RedSync via the following URL:

Some additional information:

User Guide (English)
User Guide (Japanese)
Introduction Article (Japanese)

RedSync has a free and paid version.
You can select a version or switch them depending on your needs and the project phases.

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RE: Trello Integration with Redmine - Added by Tateo Kawamura almost 2 years ago

I have set up a Redmine server for a trial of Trello integration.

The server supports HTTPS and CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing), which are required for the Trello integration.

You can evaluate the value of integration by RedSync before you apply the change to your production Redmine server.

Please check the following doc for details.
Trial Environment to Experience Trello and Redmine Integration

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