Independent Admin/User Accounts Question

Added by Jeff H almost 2 years ago

Love the redmine commmunity!

Went thru the docs, but didn't find any doc on this question.

I have several b to b clients who want this solution. I prefer to place redmine on a server and configure redmine where each
business can automatically create their own admin and user accounts? This way I can create passive income and I can scale any other clients who prefer to use redmine.

Is this possible? Instructions? Docs?


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RE: Independent Admin/User Accounts Question - Added by Michael Stanek almost 2 years ago

Hi Jeff, do you want to create admin/user accounts within one Redmine instance? If set properly, users can create their account using the Register form at ~account/register and all you need to do is manually give them Admin privileges. Or pls elaborate more on what the purpose is :-)

Michael from