Customer Product Tracking

Added by Alan MacK about 1 year ago

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to do this or even a suitable plugin?

We have customers and each customer will have a suite of products or subscriptions and we want a way to create a master list (instead of our accounts using a spreadsheet!) for example:

Customer A
- Product 1 qty 15
- Product 2 qty 221
- Product 3 qty 15

Customer B
- Product 3 qty 15

Customer C
- Product 1 qty 71
- Product 3 qty 56

Then we could look up the product and show the qty and customers that have this item?

Product 3
- Customer A qty 15
- Customer B qty 15
- Customer C qty 56

Product 2
- Customer A qty 221

Cheers in advance