Redmine with mercurial-server?

Added by Andrzej Giniewicz over 12 years ago


I just recently found out about Redmine, quite impressive! I wonder - does anyone have experience with integration with mercurial-server ? mercurial-server is tool that manages ssh access to many repos using one user and different keys, keeping all in simple files. I've seen that there is way do advanced management with svn - with repo creation and stuff, have anyone did similar thing, just with mercurial-server?


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RE: Redmine with mercurial-server? - Added by Joe Clarke over 12 years ago

There isn't anything built into Redmine to work with mercurial-server directly, but you can still use Redmine with the repositories you have running with mercurial server. You just set the root directory for the repository to the path were mercurial-server is storing the repository.