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13:21 Redmine Feature #1994: LaTEX support in Wiki, Forums and Issues
Anh Kỳ Huỳnh wrote:
> Luiz Carlos Junior wrote:
> > For the implementation of mathematical models, it is essential ...


20:22 Redmine Plugins: RE: Using Amazon S3 for storage
That plugin looks great! I wasn't reading its code yet or testing it, I have question before I try - Is it designed t...


20:46 Redmine Patch #2525: Redmine management of Git repositories
Isaiah DeRose-Wilson wrote:
> Lorenzo Pisani wrote:
> > I would also love to see this as a plugin
> > great work t...


17:23 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine with mercurial-server?
I just recently found out about Redmine, quite impressive! I wonder - does anyone have experience with int...

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