Default My Page layout for new users

Added by Kenneth Kirchner 8 months ago

Is there an easy way I can have new user accounts created with a specific My Page layout? Something like so:

  - news
  - issueswatched
  - documents
  - issuequery
  - issuesassignedtome
  - issuesupdatedbyme
  - issuesreportedbyme
  - calendar
:my_page_settings: {}

I am running Redmine v5.0.5 in a Docker container.

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RE: Default My Page layout for new users - Added by Kevin Gutierrez 4 months ago

I have some write this you can read this
you can achieve this functionality using plugins or modifications to the Redmine codebase. Please note that modifying the codebase may require technical expertise, and it's essential to back up your data before making any changes.

Here are a couple of approaches you can consider:

Use a Plugin:
There are some plugins available for Redmine that allow you to customize the My Page layout. One such plugin is the "My Page Layouts" plugin, which provides the ability to define different layouts for My Page based on user roles. To use this plugin, follow these steps:

a. Install the "My Page Layouts" plugin in your Redmine instance.
b. Configure the layout settings in the plugin configuration.
c. Assign specific layouts to user roles or users.

Customize the Codebase:
If you are comfortable with customizing the Redmine codebase, you can directly modify the view files responsible for rendering the My Page. Here are general steps:

a. Access the Docker container running Redmine and locate the view files for the My Page. The files are typically located in the app/views/my directory.

b. Edit the view files (index.html.erb, left.html.erb, right.html.erb, top.html.erb) to include the specific layout you desire, as shown in your example.

c. Restart the Redmine Docker container to apply the changes.

Please keep in mind that modifying the Redmine codebase directly may lead to compatibility issues with future updates, so consider the long-term implications of making such changes.

Before proceeding with any modifications, I strongly recommend reading Redmine's official documentation and seeking guidance from the Redmine community or experienced developers who are familiar with Redmine customization.