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Added by Jim Mulholland almost 15 years ago

I created a simple plugin today to integrate a Google Calendar as a project tab in Redmine.

If I were able to add plugin information to the wiki, it would look something like this:

A simple plugin to include Google Calendar iframe as a tab within Redmine projects. The calendar timezone will be user dependent based off the timezone in your Redmine user account and defaulted to the timezone set in the <iframe> if the user does not have a timezone selected.

Currently, the only way to install is using Git and GitHub:

To install from git:

(Git Version < 1.5.3)
$ cd {RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins
$ git clone git://

(Git Version >= 1.5.3 -- Because the "git-rails" gem uses Git Submodules introduced in ver. 1.5.3)
$ sudo gem install git-rails
$ git-rails install git://

Plugin setup

1. Install the plugin as described here (this plugin doesn't require migration).

2. Go to "Admin -> Custom fields" and create a Project custom field of "long string" type, named 'Google Calendar IFrame' for example.

3. Go to "Admin -> Information" to configure the Google Calendar plugin:

  • Project custom field 'Google Calendar IFrame': select the newly created custom field.

Enabling CI at project level

Go To Your Google Calendar:

1. Click on "Settings" in the upper left hand corner

2. Click on the "Calendars" tab

3. Select the calendar you want to use

4. In the "Embed This Calendar" section, copy the entire <iframe> code from the text box

(If this is a private calendar, you will have to replace the "src" in the <iframe> with the HTML found by clicking the blue "HTML" block in the "Private Address" section on the same page.)

In your project in Redmine, go to "Project settings" :

1. On the "Modules" tab, enable the module by checking "Google Calendar".

2. On the "Information" tab, paste the <iframe> code that you have copied in your clipboard from Google next to the 'Google Calendar IFrame' project custom field you created in step 1.

After that, a new item named "Calendar" should show up in the project menu. Click on this item to see your Google Calendar.

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RE: Google Calendar Plugin - Added by Alfredo Bonilla over 11 years ago

Well.. we found why this is happening. If you set some time zone in the preferences under "my account", the time set there is "wrongly" added to the time zone of the calendar.

In our case, we had Madrid +1 as preference... so, adding +1 of the calendar = +2: Algier

RE: Google Calendar Plugin - Added by Michael Aye about 11 years ago

What is happening to this plugin concerning Google's removal of the private HTML addresses for their calendars? How can be keep embedding Google calendars in Redmine?

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