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Added by gabriel scolan about 16 years ago

Dear all,

I'm just new in redmine and try to go through your website and tickets list to have an idea of what redmine is.
I'm a little bit confused while navigating, since anytime I open a discussion item or a ticket from the discussion / tickets list, when I want to come back to the list, I'm pushed to the first page of the list, no the one I leaved while opening the ticket to read it.

Is it also like that in a common redmine installation ? is it linked to the webbrowser (using Mozilla Firefox)?

The project seems very interesting but I still have difficulties to find out all the features already implemented and/or planned. Any advice / link for that ? I go on surfing on your site :-)

many thanks


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RE: navigation in tickets pages - Added by Thomas Lecavelier about 16 years ago

Could you precise what version you're using?

RE: navigation in tickets pages - Added by gabriel scolan about 16 years ago

I'm using the last 0.7 release.
But the question is more on your website.
To see what I'm describing (or try to in my pour english), just try to list all the issues open on, choose to sort by category, go on second page, edit one issue from this page. When you're back (using the <- in the WebBrowser nagivation or the backspace), you'll be back (so it is for me) to the first page and your sort is forgotten. I was expecting to be back exactly where I was before, in the second page of sorted issues.

any idea ?