Search scope

Added by Maxim Krušina almost 16 years ago

what about to add "search scope" to search fields?
My idea is to add two checkboxes under under/next to search field:
[x] search also in subprojects [x] search in all projects

I hope the functionality is evident. If you select "[x] search in all projects", the filed "[x] search also in subprojects" will be automaticaly marke don and yhe field will be unaccessible. Also radio buttons can be used, but in will be a lot of text IMHO:
Search: (o) this project only, ( ) also in subprojects, ( ) all projects

WHat others think?

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RE: Search scope - Added by Thomas Lecavelier almost 16 years ago

This kind of feature would be useful, indeed. Fell free to open a feature request.