Redmine plugin for Agile Project Management

Added by Marcin Jędras about 14 years ago

I'm developing Redmine plugin for Agile/Scrum Project Management. Project is located on GitHub at [[]].
Redmine Version class becomes a sprint and issue becomes task. Most actions support drag and drop, eg. dashboard where you can change status of your task simply by draging it to another column. Current version is under development (help needed). There are issues with reassinging user stories to sprints (task do not change assignment). This bug is connected to another thing: functions added to Version and Issue during plugin init are deleted after first run or so. Next releases will hopefully remove mentioned bug and add some more interesting stuff like:
  • Support for uml driagram generators railroad(Rails) and umlgraph (JAVA).
  • One click documentation generation (rdoc and javadoc)
  • Continous integration with cruisecontrol
  • Burndown charts
  • Velocity planing

If any one is interested in helping me please join project on GitHub.
You can see how demo application works on [[]] (tabs Backlog and Dashboard). Currently only polish version is available, but I will fix it during weekend.

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Redmine plugin cann't work on redmine 1.2.0 - Added by 王 熠 over 12 years ago

This is a good tools for Scrum . But it can't work well on the redmine 1.2.0. The new task can'n be created in the usr-stort, the "Internal error" was report.

Can anyone help me ?