Error viewing svn revisions when but browsing repository works OK.

Added by Anonymous over 14 years ago

I get the following errors when ever I use the 'view differences' button for a revision:

Processing RepositoriesController#diff (for at 2008-06-04 12:28:57) [GET]
  Session ID: 8b8a31bc9be6c808cd628b470a85fba1
  Parameters: {"rev"=>"26457", "action"=>"diff", "id"=>"alchemii-soft", "controller"=>"repositories", "path"=>[]}
  SQL (0.000000)   SELECT max(updated_on) AS max_updated_on FROM settings 
  User Load (0.000000)   SELECT * FROM users WHERE (status = 1) AND (users."id" = 10) 
  Project Load (0.000000)   SELECT * FROM projects WHERE (projects."identifier" = 'alchemii-soft') LIMIT 1
  Repository Load (0.000000)   SELECT * FROM repositories WHERE (repositories.project_id = 3) LIMIT 1
  EnabledModule Load (0.000000)   SELECT * FROM enabled_modules WHERE (enabled_modules.project_id = 3) 
  UserPreference Load (0.000000)   SELECT * FROM user_preferences WHERE (user_preferences.user_id = 10) LIMIT 1
Shelling out: svn diff -r 26456:26457 "http://server/svn/Project/Build/project.sln/"@26457 --username "xxx" --password "xxx" 
Rendering template within layouts/base
  SQL (0.000000)   SELECT count(DISTINCT AS count_all FROM members LEFT OUTER JOIN projects ON = members.project_id LEFT OUTER JOIN roles ON = members.role_id WHERE (members.user_id = 10 AND (projects.status=1)) 
  Project Load Including Associations (0.000000)   SELECT projects."id" AS t0_r0, projects."name" AS t0_r1, projects."description" AS t0_r2, projects."homepage" AS t0_r3, projects."is_public" AS t0_r4, projects."parent_id" AS t0_r5, projects."projects_count" AS t0_r6, projects."created_on" AS t0_r7, projects."updated_on" AS t0_r8, projects."identifier" AS t0_r9, projects."status" AS t0_r10, parents_projects."id" AS t1_r0, parents_projects."name" AS t1_r1, parents_projects."description" AS t1_r2, parents_projects."homepage" AS t1_r3, parents_projects."is_public" AS t1_r4, parents_projects."parent_id" AS t1_r5, parents_projects."projects_count" AS t1_r6, parents_projects."created_on" AS t1_r7, parents_projects."updated_on" AS t1_r8, parents_projects."identifier" AS t1_r9, parents_projects."status" AS t1_r10 FROM projects LEFT OUTER JOIN projects parents_projects ON = projects.parent_id INNER JOIN members ON = members.project_id WHERE ((members.user_id = 10) AND ((projects.status=1))) 
Rendered layouts/_project_selector (0.01600)
  SQL (0.000000)   SELECT count(*) AS count_all FROM versions WHERE (versions.project_id = 3) 
Completed in 0.12500 (8 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.03200 (25%) | DB: 0.00000 (0%) | 500 Internal Server Error [http://server/redmine_test/repositories/diff/project?rev=26457]

We're running redmine using mod_fastcgi under Apache-2.2.8 on Windows XP. Browsing the repository works fine, so redmine can execute svn.exe correctly but using the 'view differences' button of a revision leads to a page with a red error of The entry or revision was not found in the repository. but according to the above log, there is no error from the SVN command, and if I execute the svn command from the command-line, then it does return a correct diff.

Any ideas? There doesn't seem to be an error in the above log.



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RE: Error viewing svn revisions when but browsing repository works OK. - Added by Anonymous over 14 years ago

Have posted #1392 regarding this issue.