Installing Redmine - Gem requirements

Added by Eric Cope over 10 years ago

The docs mention the requirements of rack 1.0.1 (not the latest). But my installation seems to require other gems like

  • test-spec
  • camping
  • fcgi

I was able to install test-spec and camping, but fcgi won't install. Is there a full list of necessary gems? Has anyone else not been able to install fcgi? I was planning on using apache to serve.

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RE: Installing Redmine - Gem requirements - Added by Eric Voisard over 10 years ago

You should ensure the 'mod_fcgid' loadable module is installed in your Apache (check the LoadModule statements in your Apache config) and that library is somewhere in your system.
You might have to install this first (usual package installation process in your OS)

What's the output when you try to install fcgi.gem (library missing, header file missing...)