How to link bugs to tags?

Added by Stephen McGinty almost 13 years ago

I just discovered Redmine today and to be honest I am totally blown away by how good it is!

So I've got my git repository connected, can see all my tags and everything, great stuff.

However when entering and resolving bugs I would like to be able to associate them with a particular release version (tag) on which it was either detected or resolved.

I see in the issue show page there is a 'Target version' field which looks promising, but I can't see how to edit it.

Thanks in advance for any help, and to all the devs!

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RE: How to link bugs to tags? - Added by Pedro Gutierrez almost 13 years ago

I agree with you and as far as I know this is still not considered. It is a really interesting functionality although I consider it difficult to use in everyday practice.

Identifying the first version when a bug was injected would be great but probably too time consuming wrt the benefit of such practices.

However, as far as I know, at the moment Redmine only allows to indicate the version an issue is allocated to. The version when a bug was detected is not considered yet. And this should be implemented first (in my opinion) so that the GIT plugin could use it.

RE: How to link bugs to tags? - Added by Stephen McGinty almost 13 years ago


Thanks for the reply.

I see now how to create a version of my project via Project -> Settings -> Version and can now edit the 'Target Version' which I guess basically marks the version on which the bug was resolved.

I've also added a custom field 'Identified on Version' where I can assign a version number that the bug was first identified on, and then this can be used to filter on the issues page which is pretty good.

However what's missing though is the logic that says 'if the bug was first seen on v1 and then not fixed until v3 then it should also be considered present on v2'. Really what I would like is to be able to click on any version of my app and get a list of the active bugs on each one.

I'll see if I really need this going forward and if so might take a stab at trying to implement it.