Marking issue Resolved vs Closed

Added by John Pataki almost 12 years ago

What is the generally accepted practice for when / what qualifies for marking an issue 'Resolved' vs 'Closed'?

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RE: Marking issue Resolved vs Closed - Added by Simon Z almost 12 years ago

Hi John,

For most of our projects when a developer has finished a task/issue he will set the issue status to Resolved.
Our test leader will go through all issues set to Resolved. When the test leader have tested the issue he will will set the issue to Closed if the issues works as expected or Assigned back to the developer if it was not.

More to the point, what qualifies an issue Resolved is decided by the developer, Closed is decided by the test leader.

Of course this will differ if you don't have a test leader. Then may be some one else in the team or the customer should decide when something are to be Closed.