Subversion Repository problem

Added by Alexandr Vladykin about 14 years ago

When I run Redmine as any user except root (ruby script/server -e production -p 3000 -d) I have such problem in Repository:

and I can not view any changed/added file in the revision. When I click on the file name in the revision or click on "diff" link near changed file, I have such error:

But when I'm running server as root, all ok with repository:

And I can view diffs, files, etc.

How I can fix it?

I am using:
Redmine 0.7.devel.1684 (MySQL)
SVN, version 1.5.0 (r31699)
SVN path for project: file:///www/svnreps/pgu

bad.PNG (42.7 KB)

bad2.PNG (35.7 KB)

good.PNG (45.6 KB)

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