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Added by Matt Cushing about 14 years ago


I'm just getting started with the Agile Web Development book on Rails at home, and since we needed a bug tracking system, I thought I might as well try to get the upper managers used to having Rails around - why not try Redmine.

At this point, we're about to move most of our stuff into upgraded machines in a DataCenter, so I can pretty much set up anything at this point. I'm trying to get some advice from people who know more about it (which is everyone here at this point) as to what configuration is the best way to set up a Ruby/ROR Application server. I'd like to start with Redmine and gradually put all of my apps on it. I've built a few at home, but they don't amount to much. Once I get better, I'd like to start doing projects at work in RoR instead of C#.

I don't need the fastest, you have to configure this thing for hours, type server, but something that isn't going to suck :) I'd like to stick with Windows 2003 server, but that's about all I am shooting for.

Any suggestions?

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RE: starting from scratch - Added by Thomas Lecavelier about 14 years ago

Cross posting is very bad. Please use the other topic.

RE: starting from scratch - Added by Matt Cushing about 14 years ago

I was looking for some help, figured this was the place to ask for it. Especially since no one was replying in the other forum.