Link to respository file on branch

Added by Jonathan Fingland about 13 years ago

I have done my best to google this and search these forums for the answer so I apologize in advance if it has been resolved before.

In the wiki/forum formatting help there is:


and variations on that for linking to specific revisions or line numbers. However, I see no way to reference a specific branch.

What I would like to do is something like:


where develop is the branch name.

I dearly hope that I'm simply going blind as I see no way to accomplish this currently except by creating a standard link.

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RE: Link to respository file on branch - Added by Michael Tuschik almost 13 years ago

Ist there any progress on this?

I have a similar problem ... i'd like to reference source files from another project.
Like documents i would expect the following syntax:


To include the branch you could do (just an idea):


RE: Link to respository file on branch - Added by Oliver Kopp about 12 years ago

See also Feature #9385 "Specify a specifc branch in a reference".