EzFAQ plugin is incompatible with 0.7.3 version?

Added by Gleb Grigoriev about 14 years ago


It is a bit confusing - i`m not sure where i should write this message. There is no bug report on the plugin site and there is no Plugin tracker in redmine issue reporting system...
But anyway I`ve download 0.7.3 version of Redmine from Download Page and the latest version of plugin (0.0.2) from its own.
When I try to run them together there is an error when the user creates FAQ, updatse it, and try to see it again.
The error is:

Showing vendor/plugins/ezfaq_plugin/app/views/ezfaq/show.html.erb where line #14 raised:

undefined method `anonymous?' for #<User:0xa40f830>

Extracted source (around line #14):

11: <h3><%=h @faq.question %></h3>
12: <p class="author">
13: <%= authoring @faq.created_on, @faq.author %>.
14: <%= updated_by(@faq.updated_on, @faq.updater) + '.' if @faq.created_on != @faq.updated_on %>
15: </p>
17: <table width="100%">

It seems that the solution is to change ezfaq_helper.rb file line 22 from

  author_tag = (author.is_a?(User) && !author.anonymous?) ? link_to(h(author), :controller => 'account', :action => 'show', :id => author) : h(author || 'Anonymous')

author_tag = (author.is_a?(User) && !author.is_a?(AnonymousUser)) ? link_to(h(author), :controller => 'account', :action => 'show', :id => author) : h(author || 'Anonymous')

It works for me so please find the right place for this solution =).

PS: It seems that the last version from SVN works ok. I`m not a ruby developer but it seems that new method was added to the User object at the last version of Redmine and it is used in ezFAQ.

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RE: EzFAQ plugin is incompatible with 0.7.3 version? - Added by Chaoqun Zou about 14 years ago

Hi, Gleb, Thanks for your message.
I will update this soon. And I will update the contact info in the plugin's readme.

Any suggestion is welcome, please send email to me at