textilization of issue field

Added by gabriel scolan about 14 years ago

Hi there,

I'm trying to make the field "subject" textilizable, showing up in the "New issue" exactly like the "description" field (with toggle helping editing a correct format).
I've tried to copy/paste in the file views/issues/_form.rhtml the lines

<p><%= f.text_area :description, :required => true,
                   :cols => 60,
                   :rows => (@issue.description.blank? ? 10 : [[10, @issue.description.length / 50].max, 100].min),
                   :accesskey => accesskey(:edit),
                   :class => 'wiki-edit' %></p>

replacing :description by :subject

The result is that the size of the box to edit the field is the same than the one for description, but no toggles appear.

Where and What should I change else to make this feasible ?

many thanks