Two companies, one install

Added by Terry Cullen about 11 years ago


First off... great software.

I'm trying to convince a couple of my partners to use my redmine install so the logging of hours across projects/businesses is better integrated. The issue is that there are a few locations within redmine that ties the instance of redmine to one business identity;
  • Settings->General->Application Title
  • Settings->General->Host name
  • Settings->Email Notifications->Emissions email address
  • Settings->Email Notifications->Emails footer

There is probably others.

I would like redmine to use a set of settings based on the host name of the request. ie. A request for uses the company a settings.

Email picked up from company a's email address would have to use company a's settings when it comes to processing the incoming mail.

The branding, from a client perspective would be tied to the host name they are view the app on.

Would this be something trivial to create a plugin for?

I'm not a ruby/rails developer so if it's not a large project I'd consider paying for the plugin.

Finally, if it's a plugin that many want, perhaps we could commission it's development collectively.



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RE: Two companies, one install - Added by Felix Schäfer about 11 years ago

Those are global settings, so they're for the whole instance, and Redmine is not "multi-site"-safe, i.e. you might run into problems firing up several instances from the same codebase.