need some help on rhtml for custom field display

Added by gabriel scolan almost 12 years ago

Hi there,

I'm trying to organize the custom fields I've associated to the tracker, so that they are displayed in an "easy-to-use" way.
I've tried and change the file _form_custom_field.rhtml in the following way:

    <% for @custom_value in values %>
    <p><%= custom_field_tag_with_label @custom_value %></p>
    <% end %>


    <p><%= custom_field_tag_with_label values[1] %></p>
    <p><%= custom_field_tag_with_label values[0] %></p>

The problem I have is that while updating a tracker, the current values of the custom fields are not displayed, whereas it seems for me very similar. (I used the same notation for showing the values while viewing only a tracker, and everything is fine.
Has anyone an idea for where the problem is ?

many thanks