How to create a new wiki page?

Added by Thomas Schweikle almost 9 years ago

How do I create a new wiki page without being required to edit an existing one, add a link, then create my new page clicking on that link, write what I wanted to add to the wiki, return to the edited page, remove the link only created to get a new page to edit open clicking on this link?

Any other way, someting more simple, more straight forward, something intuitive?

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RE: How to create a new wiki page? - Added by André Bachmann almost 9 years ago

Like in other wiki systems: Simply type the name of the new page in the address bar of your browser. For example, if you are in http://server/projects/xyz/wiki, you can add a page named 'blubber' if you add this to your URL: http://server/projects/xyz/wiki/blubber.