Removing quoting from inbound emails

Added by Charles Sporkman almost 9 years ago


I'm very happy with the email integration, it's quite a welcome change from what we had before (an old version of mantis with one-way email).

One thing that's uglifying an otherwise easy on the eyes issue view is all the quoted material that comes in when someone replies to a redmine notification email. I found the somewhat cryptically-named "Truncate emails after one of these lines" option in the Admin->Settings->Incoming Emails setup, but I'm not quite clear on how to use this.

I initially tried adding a header to all outgoing emails and then tried to match that in the "truncate" setup. That kind of worked, but it doesn't help with things the MUA might add like "On Tues, Nov. 15 wrote:" lines. As far as I can tell, regex matching is not supported there. We don't have too many people using this, but the variety of mail clients includes, mutt, Thunderbird, iOS Mail, and K-9 Mail. I'm sure each one offers varying quotes above the reply text.

What are others doing to deal with this? Is there a fancy plugin I've missed that tries to intelligently truncate everything after new content in inbound email?

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