XAMPP issues

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I decided to install Redmine on my PC, just to see how it works, and what it does. I followed this guide: http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/HowTo_Install_Redmine_in_a_sub-URI_on_Windows_with_Apache#Install-Rake with version 1.3 of Redmine. How ever, I get an error now. The server (PC) just won't phase the html code, it just displays the source code, how ever, when I go to http://localhost:3001 I get a bit of it phased, but I cant log in. I attached a screenshot below.

Any suggestions?


error.png - Not phasing code (92.7 KB)

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Did you looked @ your log files ?

Same here after upgrade and heavy ruby/rails/rubygems upgrades and errors.

  • apache : access seems ok, get/post 200
  • mongrel : Error calling Dispatcher.dispatch #<NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass>
  • production : Completed in 36ms (View: 27, DB: 1) | 200 OK [http://redmine.xxx.com/login]

Will post if i manage.


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thank you for your link laurent elgard